Pug Ugly’s

About This Project

Pug Ugly’s bar, located in the heart of Belfast, is nothing like what its name suggests.

McCue was appointed the main contractor for the refurbishment of the building, a former bar, on Bedford Street.

The designer’s vision for the project was to create a rustic bar that would accommodate weekly entertainment events including comedy nights, live musical performances and sporting tournaments, as well as providing a space where people can come to relax and enjoy the authentic surroundings.

McCue’s team of buyers and joiners collaborated with the bar designer to find the perfect metals, timber, and materials to achieve this vision and when combined, resulted in the enhancement of the overall entertainment experience.

There are various elements within this fit-out that demonstrate McCue’s extensive capabilities, from the bespoke reclaimed pine bar with copper sheet overlay, to the reclaimed wooden cabinets with galvanised chicken wire, showcasing the iconic Jameson bottles.

Check out some of the images above to see the end result.