McCue makes strides with BREEAM: Working with Sustain IQ to provide clients with instant environmental, social and economic reports.

BREEAM (building, research establishment, and environmental assessment) was the world’s first sustainability rating scheme for the built environment.
It has been used to assess a wide range of building types, including offices, retail spaces, schools and residential buildings. The aim is to encourage building
practices that reduce the environmental impact of their buildings whilst improving occupants’ health and well-being.

BREEAM examines the performance of projects in design, construction and operation. This includes a detailed review of the project’s sustainability policies,
material, waste management, energy and water use etc. Once assessed, projects are awarded ratings based on the number of credits they score in each category.

Achieving a positive BREEAM rating signals high sustainability and ethical consideration for the built environment. It can increase the market value of your building,
ensure a slower depreciation and lower construction, operating and maintenance costs.

McCue recently undertook their first BREEAM assessment on a project at EPR Studios, London, and achieved the highest rating of ‘Excellent’ with a score of 78.9%.
Sustain IQ enabled McCue to record all necessary data. Once recorded, Sustain IQ then categorised the data, presented it in relevant reports, and then formatted it
to comply with BREEAM’s requirements. With enhanced visibility of project data, McCue could reduce emissions in scopes one to three and minimise waste management.

We are proud to assist clients with the opportunity to achieve a BREEAM rating on their projects. McCue hopes to undertake a wealth of BREEAM-approved work and
contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Click the link below to read the full report of McCue’s first BREEAM-approved project at EPR Studios, London.