Meet the Team – Luke Armstrong

Meet the Team – Luke Armstrong

In celebration of apprenticeship week 2023, we are introducing you to some of our current apprentices here at McCue. Next up is Luke Armstrong, who is currently undertaking the Carpentry and Joinery (Site and Bench) apprenticeship with us! Find out more about Luke below:

When did you begin your apprenticeship with McCue?

I started my apprenticeship in July 2022

How did you secure your apprenticeship with McCue?

I submitted an application through Northern Regional College (NRC), then was invited for an interview with the company. With my interest in the business and the trade, I was able to deliver a confident interview and was successful in securing the apprenticeship.

What has been your experience to date?

It has been positive and I’ve been learning since I started, by having a mentor who is a time served joiner. He helps me daily by talking me through the tasks that he has been given and explaining the processes.

What does a typical day involve?

Anything that involves helping my mentor! And also being taught new skills.

What is the best thing about an apprenticeship with McCue?

I am learning new skills every day, whilst also being given tasks to complete on my own. This helps me to build my confidence in my role.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship with McCue?

Yes, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship at McCue.

How will your apprenticeship benefit you in your future career?

My apprenticeship will benefit me as joinery is what I want to do, and so I am getting the experience now that I will need to establish a successful career.

Where would you like to be in five years’ time?

I hope to be a timed served Joiner with McCue, and planning the next steps as to how I will further develop my career.

What made you apply for McCue for your apprenticeship?

I applied to McCue because of their experience in developing apprentices, and also for the wide variety of projects the company works on, which will give me exposure to lots of different areas.

What was your first impression of McCue?

My first impression of McCue was that it was a well-run business and the right place to complete my apprenticeship.

What has been your biggest achievement since starting your apprenticeship? 

That I have been selected for NRC Skill build.

What has been your biggest challenge since starting your apprenticeship?

Understanding the drawings and learning how to read them, but with the help and support of my mentor, I am overcoming that challenge.

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