As a progressive company we are mindful of the industry that we work in and the impact on the environment. As a result, we are fully committed in providing sustainable products and services.

We recognise our responsibility in continual sustainable development through the procurement of materials and delivery of services. Our team continually set and review environmental KPI’s to ensure that we improve our environmental performance, as well as, comply with environmental legislation and other requirements throughout each project. 

We are proud to be FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and confidently supply timber that has been sourced from well managed forests. Our Chain of Custody certification means that the timber we use is traced right from the source of harvest through all stages of processing and distribution.

Our business continues to strongly encourage our supply chain, to develop a positive culture in material sustainability and energy management. Along with our business we work with our partners in striving towards zero waste to landfill.

As part of our commitment in reducing our enviormental footprint on our plant we take part in the Arena Environmental Benchmarking Survey. This survey assesses the extent to which environmental business practices have been embedded within the corporate strategies and operations our organisation. 

As our business sales and volume of jobs continually grows year on year so does our volume of waste and energy consumption. Below we are proud to demonstrate how our team works to reduce the impact of our growth on our planet through our KPI’s:

Energy Monitoring

Waste Management  

Did you know? In 2018 only 1.1% of all our waste went to landfill

Vehicle Fuel Usage