£1million Hospital Fit out

McCue Crafted Fit is putting £1 million of final touches to the redevelopment of the Ulster Hospital, after having been subcontracted by Graham- Bam Healthcare Partnership (GBHP) to fit-out the bespoke bathrooms using cutting-edge solid surface materials.

McCue are providing bespoke interiors for the unique 288 single en-suite bedroom layout for the new Phase B Inpatient Ward Block, which has attracted over £200 million of investment. Now two years on, with work nearing completion on the construction of the ensuites, McCue Crafted Fit is in the process of completing the fitting-out of the 288 en suite bathrooms.

The en suite bathroom furniture is custom-made using the latest ‘Corian’ solid surface material for the walls and surfaces of the bathrooms, because of its hygienic properties in addition to its durability. The ‘Corian’ is thermoformed, with no seams or joints, allowing for tighter infection control with also proper upkeep and maintenance.

‘Corian’ is on the cutting edge of hospital infection control, and McCue Crafted Fit is a certified network-approved provider of it and a similar product, HI-MACS, in Northern Ireland. The applications for this material are endless, with some customers even requesting the material to be used in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Les McCracken, McCue Managing Director commented, “It is important for us at McCue Crafted Fit to be at the forefront of technology, offering the most up-to-date products and services to our clients. The new hospital redevelopment is one such project and we are glad we are playing our part in transforming the health sector in Northern Ireland and making it fit for purpose for the 21st Century.”

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