At McCue we are mindful of the industry that we work in and the potential impact on the environment. As a result we are committed to reducing damage and preventing pollution by:

Recognising our responsibility in furthering sustainable development through the procurement of materials and delivery of services

Striving to incorporate environmental and social considerations into product and selection processes due to the major socioeconomic and environmental implications that procurement decisions can have

Continually setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets to ensure that we improve our environmental performance, but at the same time, complying with all local environmental legislation and other requirements throughout each project.

Some of the initiatives introduced to help minimise our impact on the environment include:

In 2016 we changed all lighting in our head office and workshop to LED to increase energy efficiency and help reduce our carbon footprint.

The installation of a biomass burner in the workshop helps to reduce heating costs through the burning of waste.

All waste from our workshop and site operations are carefully managed to reduce the amount sent to landfill.

We are proud to be FSC® certified and can confidently supply wood that has been sourced from well managed forests. Our Chain of Custody certification means that the wood we use is traced right from the forest through all stages of processing and distribution.

McCue Crafted Fit do not require the use of animals in testing any of its products or to establish product safety and we do not ask others to do so on our behalf.

For a third year running we have been given the Silver Award in the Arena Environmental Benchmarking Survey which assesses the extent to which environmental business practices have been embedded within the corporate strategies and operations our organisation.